Some of my thoughts on abortion.

**Please note: I do not know if the title of this clip is accurate. But please read on and watch it.

This (below) is a clip of a baby, which is still in its sac, being poked and prodded by someone. 
It shows that the baby has some of its senses because it moves when the person touches it. 
Right there is proof that it can feel.

Imagine this then, if that little human was injected with a solution that caused it to burn to death (one way of abortion), all because it wasn’t wanted. 
Imagine how that baby would feel.
Imagine this, if that little baby was dismembered (which is also how they are aborted). Imagine the pain it would have suffered, all because it wasn’t wanted.

I know some of you do not think that abortion is wrong, and that is your right. 
But, I also know that some of you support humane killing of animals if they are injured, and if those animals are injured cruelly by humans, you scream that they should have the same done to them or they should be locked up.
I also know that some of you won’t buy products with Palm Oil, because the production of it is destroying the habitat of Orang Utans.
I know that some of you are very concerned with human rights, like homosexual marriage. 
I also know that some of you are more concerned about causes such as the culling/killing of sharks etc.

I am appealing to that compassionate side of you to see the cruelty inflicted on those innocent baby humans, all because they are an inconvenience to the person/s who have conceived that life. 
Even if they are a product of rape, there are still alternatives, like adoption. (There are also cases of women who have been raped who have kept the children.)
I’m just asking you to think differently about abortion, and to see it for what it truly is.