Fellow Bloggers

This is a page of links to fellow bloggers that I think you might like to read.
Obviously I won’t agree with every comment or thought of theirs, as I am sure not everyone agrees with everything I say,  as everyone is different and has a different journey, but they all have something valuable to contribute.
If you like what they have said, please spread the word and let people know about them. 😮






Not that I play favourites or anything, but this next one is one of my favourites. It’s kind of like sitting down in your favourite comfy chair at the end of a long day and being encouraged. There is far too much to say about it, so for the sake of time and space, I’ll just post the link and let the blog speak for itself.

3 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers

  1. What do you mean you don’t agree with EVERY thought or comment of MINE????

    HAHAHA! just had to give you a hard time. I linked your blog today so you may get some new readers – hope so. Stand strong and don’t give in. You are speaking the truth of the Lord that many need to hear. Pray for discernment to continue – the Lord is faithful!

    • LOL
      Thanks again for that. It’s really boosted the views which is great. Not for me, but to get the gospel out there to those I cannot reach in person.
      Hopefully it reaches the people that need to read it and hopefully people will learn what God is really like and turn to Him.
      That is my aim, to reveal the true nature of the Lord, not what the media etc portray Him to be. 🙂

      • It is good to have someone else on here who is writing as well about the truth of the Word of God. I pray that you will increase in your studies and discernment. God will bless those who choose to Follow His path. It is not hard to follow God when you know that He is the creator and he has made us the way we are and He can and does choose to bless us according to His good will. His word is a light unto my path and in my heart is a flaming sword. I have been a bliever for over 30 years and have been seeking to come to the knowledge of seeing the word of God as it is. Nothing is hidden when you ask God to open your eyes and hearts and mind.

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