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  1. I just read your article about Christmas and Christians that don’t celebrate, thank you so much. It is very well written and encourage me to stop following this tradition of man. I finally read about the origins of Christmas and tha it is all from traditions and pagan cultures. It is all about making money and parties where people eat and eat and get drunk. Horrible, that is nothing about honoring God. I know my family will think I’m weird but we must stand and be separate and continue to pass the message of the Gospel that brings salvation.

    • Hi Marta,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.
      I am glad you were blessed by the post. I haven’t done Christmas for several years now and I don’t intend to start again in the future.
      It’s great to see that others are starting to see the origins of it and that it’s not a Christian tradition.
      And I think many people think I’m weird, and not just for not celebrating Christmas, so you aren’t alone. 🙂
      If you are on facebook there is a page called Christians Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas. It has so much good information on it about Christmas, and many other pagan holy days. 🙂

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