Beauty is only skin deep.

Image result for proverbs 31:30 kjvThis article (linked below) is a very thought provoking read, and I think women should pay attention to the article just as much as men.
We have all been conditioned right from the get-go to be attracted to what society deems as “beautiful”. Next time you are at the shops have a look at all the magazines and their cover models with flawless complexions thanks to professional make up artists, photographers and great lighting; look at who is on your tv screen, actors with flawless complexions thanks to professional make up artists, good camera angles and great lighting. Look at the marketing you see all around you for different products, you’ll notice everyone looking perfect, even the fruit and veg at your local supermarket are all there because they don’t have blemishes or flaws. (The ones that do are dumped.)

We really need to learn to look past outward “beauty” when looking for a spouse. As the old saying goes “beauty is only skin deep”, which is so true. Over time looks will fade, wrinkles will come, skin will sag, and what you are left with is the person on the inside – that will never fade.
If we choose a spouse based on looks alone, we are doomed to a life of misery, and they will be too, because how will they feel when you no longer find them attractive and want to move on to someone younger and prettier?

Yes, being physically attracted to someone is somewhat important, but in the long term you will also need someone you have similar interests as, someone with whom you have things in common and enjoy the same kinds of things, have the same kind of ideals/values/morals/beliefs etc etc. These are the kinds of things that will last long after a person’s looks have faded.

I hope this post and this article  will help you to understand that it isn’t all about what’s on the outside – the inside is just as important, if not more so.

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