Keeping children pure for God.

I have found some, what I believe to be, valuable resources to use with our children to encourage them to keep their bodies and minds pure for God.
With so much promiscuity, so many unwanted pregnancies, so many STD’s around these days, it is now purity1more important than ever to teach our children to abstain until marriage. Contrary to what the world will teach our children, it is up to both the boys and girls, or males and females, to stay pure, that’s why I’m going to include resources for both boys and girls.

There seems to be more of these little books for girls and I can only guess as to why. As in the garden of Eden it was Eve, the woman, who was tempted and tricked by Satan and not Adam. I think females can be more susceptible to yield because it’s ‘in their nature’ and tend to be more emotion driven than males.
If we don’t teach our children to wait until marriage, the world will teach them not to.

From Boy to Man – God’s plan for the marvellous changes that will take place. boytoman.jpg“One of the books in our best-selling “God’s Plan for Growing Up” series, this volume is for boys ready to head into puberty.  Conservatively done, no objectionable descriptions or illustrations.  Mary Pride calls this series “one of the best!”

Little Leaders – Guarding my eyes.

littleleaders“One of the books in our “Little Leaders” series for elementary aged boys, this volume tells, through the conversation between a father and young son, why it’s important for us as Christians to guard our eyes, as well as our hearts, from impurity.  Illustrated throughout.”

From Girl to Woman – God’s plan for the marvelous changes that will take place.girltowoman.jpg“This conservatively written Christian book is written to explain the changes that occur as a young girl is changing into a woman.  One of the award-winning volumes in our “God’s Plan for Growing Up” series.  Contains no graphic info or drawings.  Mary Pride calls this series “one of the best.”

Little Ladies – Keeping myself pure for God.

ladiespure.jpg“One of the books in our “Little Ladies” series for elementary aged girls, this volume tells, through the conversation between a mother and young daughter the importance of purity in all areas of life.  From a very conservative perspective, uses only KJV Scripture.  Illustrated throughout.”

Little Ladies – Dressing for God.

dressingforgod“One of the books in our “Little Ladies” series for elementary aged girls, this volume tells, through the conversation between a mother and young daughter what the Bible says about how females should dress.  From a very conservative perspective, uses only KJV Scripture.  Illustrated throughout.”

I hope you find these resources as good as I did. I do believe they can help plant good, biblical seeds into children.

I will also include this one as I know that some parents and or children can find it hard to openly speak about the things above. If simple day to day topics can be broached in a safe, secure environment, then maybe they will be less reluctant to open up on other topics as the ones above.

Conversation Starters for families.

conversationstarters.jpg“COMMUNICATION IS ESSENTIAL to a healthy family!

This tool for Christian families has 90 “Communication Activities” that take just a few minutes per day to get a conversation going, even with reluctant family members.  Use at mealtime, after family devotions, or in the vehicle to get a meaningful conversation going painlessly.  Reusable cards make this a tool that will last for many conversations.”

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“The Importance of Winning Your Child’s Heart’ – review.


“There is a spiritual battle raging in our children’s hearts daily. With 66% of young people walking away from today’s churches, we cannot afford to be complacent, hoping everything will turn out okay. We have to be aware of the battle, and determine to do all we can to point our kids to God, and His Word, giving them a solid foundation of faith. We must also determine to purposefully pursue their hearts.” Kathie Morrissey – ‘Winning Your Child’s Heart’

Do you struggle with one or more of your children on a daily basis? Do you feel as though there is a disconnect between you and your child? Do you feel as though you are ‘losing the fight’ for your child’s heart?
If so, then read on.

I would like to introduce you to  Kathie Morrissey and another one of her fantastic resources*. I have purchased many of her resources and find them all really helpful, and this one is no different.
This one is called “The Importance of Winning Your Child’s Heart – Heading off Rebellion, Restoring Damaged Relationships and Loving the Prodigal.”
It is, as the title suggests, a guide to parenting the rebellious, damaged child and restoring the relationship with that child.

In this ebook are many great tips, and some excellent advice as to how to win back the heart of your child. Kathie also speaks of signs to look out for to spot rebellion rising, for example ‘passive rebellion’.
Some of the signs of passive rebellion are:

  • doing things their own way rather than how they were told
  • poking
  • whining
  • sighing
  • rolling eyes etc.

“Focusing on just the outward actions when kids are young, rather than training the heart, wets us on the path to raising a rebel”. KM

Kathie goes on to say that it could be our actions that are leading our children to rebellion. How many times have we unknowingly modelled that rebellion to them? Children are like little sponges and pick up things so easily, and it seems they pick up more of our bad points than good sometimes.

Further on Kathie speaks about how to restore damaged relationships with our children.
It is so important that we win our children’s hearts while they are young. The more they move into their teen years the more they will be influenced by others, and if we haven’t laid the foundation first, it could all crumble and they will be more susceptible to peer pressure. (Especially if they attend a mainstream school environment.)




In conclusion I highly recommend this ebook. It is a valuable resource that many Christian parents would do well to have in these days. There are more and more families that are struggling against the tide and need all the help they can get to win and keep their children’s hearts in this broken world.

Kathie has kindly allowed me to give away a free copy of this great resource. I will do a random draw using a program and will let the winner know.
If you would like to win a copy, please comment in the comment section below.
I will do the draw on Wednesday 28th April.


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*I was given a free copy for my honest opinion. I receive no compensation for this review nor for the sales of the ebook.