Why I use the KJB.

When I was only a brand new Christian I was given a copy of the NIV bible to use. I used that bible for a couple of years until I stumbled across a website which showed the errors of the NIV compared to the KJV. It was then that I switched over the KJV. Coincidentally, someone (an unbeliever) gave me their old copy of a KJV that they had read previously. I had this sitting at home not being used because I had the NIV.
I have since learnt so much more about the corruption of the counterfeit Bibles that I only prefer the King James Version.
There are so many discrepancies, deletions, omissions and downright error in the newer versions that I won’t use them as my primary bible source. shakespeare

I know many people love their bible versions, because they are easier to understand. The funny thing about this though, is that many people wouldn’t dare change Shakespeare’s writings because they are too hard to understand. It is seen as classic literature and people love it for the language as well as the content.
I don’t think we ought to bring God’s word down to our level to be understood, I believe that we need to rise up and understand it how it is intended to be understood, on God’s level. We do this by the Holy Spirit.
But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. John 14:26

I will include a couple of links (below in blue text) to posts I’ve done about modern versions of the bible to try to show you what I mean.
Below that I will include links to a few youtube links that helped me understand why the KJV is one of the best translations of the original manuscripts. (The modern versions are based on the corrupt manuscripts.)

One last thought though. (It’s a bit long, but please bear with me as I think it’s important to think about.)
Counterfeit’. “made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine; not genuine; forged:”

I was describing to a friend recently about the things of God that Satan counterfeits and something hit me like a brick a while afterwards, which I will get to after the below examples.

We know that Satan counterfeits things and then twists those things to sound biblical but are entirely unbiblical.
Here are a couple of examples, in no particular order:
1. Speaking in tongues. In Acts 2:4 it says: “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”
In this instance the word ‘tongues’ means another language that the speaker didn’t know but others from other lands understood. (Keep reading up to about verse 12 to get a better idea.)
The Strong’s word for this is ‘glossa’, which is #1100. “the tongue: by impl. a language (spec. one naturally unacquired)”.
As you can see, the term to speak in tongues is another language, not the gobbledygook babble that you hear in many charismatic/pentecostal churches these days, which is the speaking in tongues that Satan has twisted.

2. Holy laughter. This is a phenomenon that is taking over in many churches, and it is where people start laughing and cannot control themselves. They often fall down on the floor and lose all control. It is believed to be when someone has been filled with the Holy Spirit, but this is actually demonic. This is probably from Kundilini, which is also known as the False Holy Spirit. Many people believe that this is from God, but when you look at the scriptures, you can see that it isn’t from God. God is a God of order and control and would never cause anybody to lose control of their faculties.
Just look at the fruits of the Spirit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, TEMPERANCE*:…” Galatians 5:22,23
*Temperance means self-control.

3. Meditation. Satan has counterfeited something that God tells us to do in His word. In the Bible it mainly means to think about things, to ponder them and even sometimes to speak out loud and discuss them. It does not mean to sit in quietness and empty the mind and think of nothing.

4. Last but not least is the counterfeit of Jesus Christ.
How many religions are based on a false Jesus?! I can think of 3 main ones straight off the top of my head. They all follow a false Jesus. The Bible warns us of false Christs. These false Christs are from Satan to deceive people and take them away from the real God.

I mention all these things so you can hopefully see the importance of what I am about to say.
If Satan has counterfeited so many things, and there are way more than I have listed here, then doesn’t it make sense that he would counterfeit the book that we get our doctrine from, the book that teaches us who Jesus is, his character, what he did for us and what is expected of us?!

Satan and his army of devils have been around since long before time began. He has had thousands of years to watch and observe humans.
Because of this he knows humankind back to front and inside out. He knows all of our weak points and he knows how to exploit them. He knows where we are weak spiritually, with our walks with God and he knows where we can be deceived.
He knows the Bible far better than any of us. After all, he was there (in existence) when the events in it where happening, when it was being written and then translated. So it stands to reason that he knows every trick in the book (so to speak) and can twist it and distort it in many and varied ways according to our weaknesses and chinks in our armour.
Doesn’t it make sense that Satan would counterfeit the Bible in order to corrupt God’s word? It makes perfect sense to me, and I see it so clearly now, I see clearly why there are so many different Bible versions which water down and sugar coat God’s word. I knew they were corrupt before, but now I realise that they are counterfeits of God’s word designed to deceive people.

I know many people probably just think I have it in for modern versions of the Bible, but this isn’t true. It’s the fact that Satan has corrupted so many things in order to deceive Christians and have them live watered down lives, not holy lives totally dedicated to God.
Please, I just ask you to think about what I have said here and take it to the Lord in prayer. Pray and ask the Lord if what I am saying is correct and what He would have you do if it is correct.

Some important omissions of repentance from modern bibles.
Would you use a faulty manual to build a car?

Whats the Big Deal about the KJV? – This has around 4 parts that run for around 10 minutes or less, but even just watching the first one should help you see why I prefer the King James Version over the others.


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