Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Is it biblical?

I personally have not read her book, and I’d really rather not. I’m not going to go out and buy it for research purposes either, but I have read enough of what others have said to get the idea that it’s not scriptural.

To start off with, just because someone quotes scripture, or reads from a Bible, it doesn’t mean they are A. a Christian or B. are not misquoting it. After all most cult leaders read from a Bible! And Satan knows the Bible better than anyone on this planet, so it’s only fair to say that he loves to misquote it in order to lead people astray.

Now, back to the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. As I mentioned above, I have not read it nor do I want to. So I’m going to have to rely on others’ reviews, and what those reviews are saying is that this book is shady at best.
Anyone who says that they are being used as a vessel in order for God to speak through them sends up red flags for me straight away. I have seen/read other books where the author states that God is telling them what to write and they are just writing. In ‘New Age’ circles this is called “automatic writing”.
Here is what New World Encylopedia says about it: “Automatic writing is the process or product of writing without using the conscious mind. The technique is often practiced while the person writing is in a trance state; others are fully awake, alert, and aware of their surroundings, but not of the actions of their writing hand. Automatic writing has been predominantly used in Spiritualism or the New Age movement as a method of “channeling” spirits, and has often been a part of séances. During the Surrealist movement, automatic writing was one of many games played by artists to stimulate creativity and produce original works of art. Automatic writing has also been used as a therapeutic technique in Freudian psychoanalysis. Although many skeptics question the source of writings produced in this way, it is clear that many writers have produced material that they would not have written using only their conscious mind. As humankind advances in understanding both the conscious and unconscious aspects of the human mind, and the nature of the afterlife, automatic writing will be better able to make a positive contribution to enhancing the world.”
So, as you can see, anyone who says they empty themselves or their minds are more than likely channelling ‘spirits’ and not God. We do not “channel” God in order to get information from Him, we read His word, the Bible. God never tells us in the Bible to empty ourselves or our minds in order to hear from Him.

Now to the reviews. Here are two links that you need to read in order to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about.


If you like this book, I urge you to read these reviews and then pray about it and seek the Lord’s will if He wants you to continue using it.


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