Far reaching conseqences.

Parents/grandparents/carers of children, you need to read this.

If you have young daughters, please be involved in their lives and keep up to date with who they are hanging out with, and what they are getting up to behind your back.

I saw a story last night about a young man (who didn’t look any older than about 20, at the time of filming) who now has the permanent name of “SEX OFFENDER” hanging over his life forever, all because he was at a party getting drunk and started getting intimate with an underage girl, who was also getting drunk.
To this young man, she did not appear to be 13, she seemed older. After all, why would a 13 year old child be at a party getting drunk?!living-dolls

So many young girls are encouraged to wear make-up and dress so much older than they really are these days, thanks to the influence of tv, movies, toys and peers. I’ve seen girls who look way older than they actually are because of how they dress, the make up they wear and how they carry themselves, and anyone would be forgiven for not realising their actual age.

It is so vitally important to teach our youngsters that what they do can not only affect them, but it can have also devastating effects for someone else, for LIFE, all because they were somewhere they shouldn’t have been, dressing inappropriately and doing what they shouldn’t be doing.
If you do not know what your young children are up to when they go to their friends houses, and if you don’t know the friends/parents of who your children are hanging around with, then maybe it’s time you started to get to know them.

I know that some of you might be annoyed that I’m not aiming this at the young man who did this, and that he is to blame because females should be able to wear what they want and look how they want without fear of being sexually abused, but think about it for a minute. She was a child, a 13 year old CHILD, legally a minor. (To me, a minor is someone who does not have the maturity to make wise decisions for their best interests, among other things.)
She should NOT be out at parties getting DRUNK! Where were her parents in all this, and why did they not know what she was doing? And if they did know what she was doing, shame on them!
A child of that age does not know the consequences of their actions, and it’s obvious her parents either haven’t taught her, or she’s being extremely rebellious.
It seems to me that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and made a poor judgment call, probably because he was drinking, and now he is stuck with the name of sex offender, for life. This man is now homeless, jobless and living in a van and can not even go to the beach without violating his parole.
So parents, please, please teach your young girls not only to respect themselves but to be aware that their actions can have far reaching consequences on another person’s life.

Here is a very good read on the subject of young girls being sexualised in today’s society.