Donations to the needy. (What not to donate.)

As someone who has worked in op shops, I was constantly irritated at people who would donate things that were only good for rags or the bin.
One lady brought in a whole garbage bag full of clothes that absolutely reeked of stale cigarette smoke. While the clothes may have been nice, it would have taken someone taking them home, soaking them and then washing them to bring them up to scratch. We have enough washing to do with our own families let alone someone elses clothes.

Many clothes that were brought in clothing-donationswere unusable due to stains, broken zips etc. We would get toys that were broken, puzzle books that had been half done, games/puzzles that were incomplete etc. Basically, stuff that was ready for the bin, not to be handed on to someone else.
Just because people may be in need, it doesn’t mean that they deserve inferior stuff. People on low incomes still have dignity and shouldn’t be made to feel as though they are second, or third class citizens, just because they can’t afford to shop retail.
If you wouldn’t buy it in the state it is in, don’t donate it.
I think a simple rule to follow is, if you wouldn’t allow your family to wear it, use it, read it or play with it, don’t donate it. It is probably better in the bin.

This link is to a blog post by someone else. I do not necessarily endorse the whole blog, but I do agree with this particular post of theirs.


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