Christian Healthy Living.

**Due to an overwhelming flood of ppl wanting to join this group, it has now been closed for newcomers. That could very well change in the future, and I will amend this as the need arises.
P.S. If you would like to join it, please send me a message on my facebook page of the same name and I’ll see what I can do.

There is a new group on facebook for Christians who are wanting to be healthier.
Some of the topics so far have included juicing, vitamin supplements, how to get the wax/chemicals off your fruit and vegies before you eat them and more.

It’s not a group full of doctors or nutritionists, it’s just (so far) a bunch of Christians who have started to try to live healthier and wanting support, advice from others, tips and hints and sometimes prayer. Some have done some extensive research into various things, and there are people with knowledge in different things.
If you are interested in better health, then please come and join. 😀

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