Are there ‘unicorns’ in the Bible?

This is just a quick post to prove that the BImageible isn’t a fairy tale because it mentions “unicorns”.
I’m not doing a huge write up. I don’t need to because the youtube clip that I will include explains it all for you.

Why does the Bible mention a mythical creature that looks like a horse with a long horn coming out of its head?
Actually, a unicorn is a one horned rhinoceros, not a horse with a long horn on its head like in the fairy tales.

Don’t think this is true? Think I’m making it up? Well, just look back over the years and see how many words have had their definitions altered or changed completely.

Here are a few just off the top of my head:
queer: used to mean ‘strange or odd’, now used for ‘homosexual’
terrible: used to mean ‘exciting’, now used for ‘something awful’
wicked: used to mean ‘evil or morally bad’, now used for ‘something really good’
awesome: used to mean ‘inspiring awe (like seeing something that takes your breath away or renders you speechless)’, now used for ‘something really good’
gay: used to mean ‘being happy or showing joy’, now used for ‘homosexual’.

Just as these words have either changed completely, or had their meanings altered to suit current trends, so has the word ‘unicorn’ been changed completely. Now, in the dictionary it is only a mythological creature. Why would a word like that be changed completely?
Maybe to make the bible look like it’s a fairy tale when in actual fact it isn’t and people don’t realise this because they don’t know the meaning of many of the words because they have changed over the years (and they don’t bother to do any research because they are too happy bagging the Bible).

Here is a link to show you where the word is used in the KJV.

Here is a link that describes some more.

Here is a youtube clip that explains in detail about unicorns.


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