What You May Not Know About Horror Movies

Chucky-the-dollThis is very interesting. I used to love horror movies, as a teen (Loved the Chucky movies) and as an adult (Laughed at the Exorcist), but I don’t watch horror movies anymore. It’s just not worth it spiritually.
*Please note; sharing this blog post does not mean I endorse the blog or the writer. I am simply posting this for informational purposes as it contains things which people who watch horror movies need to know.*

Journey With the Creator

Where do story lines come from for horror movies? What’s the source that’s feeding the minds of the writers for this kind of stuff? What kind of spiritual activity goes on in a room where a horror movie is being watched? Here’s the straight truth.

Story lines for horror movies are demonically inspired. The source feeding the information into the minds of the writers is evil, and you can bet that there’s a lot of dark spiritual activity going on in a room when one of these movies is being watched.

If you just read that and thought, “That’s crazy! It’s just a movie,” Keep reading and you may change your mind. It’s not God who inspires people to act out scenes of violent murder in sick and perverted ways, and it’s not God that encourages blood-spattering, gory, fear-filled films. The source is demonic.

If you don’t believe demons exist…

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