Modesty, is the best policy.

As you can probably tell, this post is going to be about modesty. But I’m not going to write it, someone else is. I came across a blog the


other day and this lady writes about it far better than I can, so I am going to link her blog posts here for you to read.
Her blog is called The Ministry Mama and reading her post about modesty the other day was like a beacon of light to me. It was great to know that I’m not the only one that feels the way I do about how young girls/women dress these days and I hope you are as blessed by her writing as I was.

As I have been doing research on modesty, one phrase keeps popping up, “modest is hottest”.
Hmm, ok, since when are we supposed to strive to be “hot” and attractive to the opposite sex? Isn’t modesty all about being humble, meek, gentle, having good manners/values and not dressing to draw attention? To me, modesty encompasses many things, not just the way we dress. It’s our actions, our behaviour and how we present ourselves, as a whole, to society. We need to remember who we are representing, and that is God. If we “dress to impress” people, then we have it all wrong. We need to dress and act how God would have us do it, not how we think society wants us to.

Also, I have a started a group on facebook called Mothers (and others) for Modesty. **Edit – This group has been changed because focusing on just the one topic was far too limiting. It is now focused on modern issues for Christian women. It is only small and basically dead, but if anyone feels led to join it, please do.

Another point with modesty is the relationship between a father and his daughter is so important because it will more than likely set the tone for future relationships of her


I don’t mean self-respect in the way the world means it though, I mean to have enough respect for herself as a child of God to dress and behave like one. If she knows her worth in Christ, then she would never lower herself to dressing like a tramp (sorry to use that word, but it was the tamest one I could think of) and sleeping around like children of the world do these days.

Here are the links. It is a 3 part series, and definitely well worth the read.


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