A radical idea. :D

BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I’m putting a call out to all of you for next Christmas.
After a conversation with a sister yesterday, and hearing her testimony about what the Lord showed her about Christmas, I have a challenge for all of you. Yep, a challenge. Please hear me out before you dismiss what I am going to say.
Here’s a brief account of her testimony from Christmas 2012.

“I have had a STRESSFUL day – my husband got called into work unexpectedly and our plans all messed up. We had to change venues at the last minute as we were going to have it AT my husband’s work but he got a sober up client sent by the police so we couldn’t have kids in that environment… Anyway, on the drive over – with a full car of kids, loud music etc I’m thinking ‘Jesus where are you in this day for me’? I just felt so sad and hollow that I was riding this wave of stress and busyness and just feeling like what IS this really all about…Anyway – then I drove past this guy on the road that I have seen dozens of times near my husband’s work – he is homeless and lives in a little humpty on the beach…. and I had this OVERWHELMING sense that I need to turn around and give him a gift. I wanted to give him food but I had sent it all with my sister and ALL I had was soft drink and my husband’s present of lollies and chocolates – so I stopped, wished him a Merry Christmas, patted his arm and he was so happy!! His name is Kerry. WOW – I was so blessed! …dont know what my husband will think about me giving away his present HAHAAAHAH – anyway – as I drove off I heard in my heart “That’s where I was in your day Christine”…….. What an awesome Saviour we serve – without Him there IS NO POINT and that is so obvious to me this day – but in that moment – I was blessed far more than Kerry (the homeless guy) because I found Jesus today on the side of the road. Praise God!”

First of all, I want you to think about what Jesus is like as a person. Got it? Right, lets move on.

Now I want you to look at what Christmas truly represents in this modern era. It’s all about presents, decorations, feasting, spending time with people you know, man made traditions and SELF.
Now, toss all those aside and think about Jesus’ birth. Were there any decorations? Any trees, lights, baubles, reindeer, a fat man in a red suit? No, there weren’t. (So why do we have them now?)
Where was he born? In a stable because there was nowhere else left for his parents to stay. He was probably surrounded by animals and not much else. It wouldn’t have been the cleanest and safest birth, especially by today’s standards. Do you see that represented in Christmas today? Me neither. I see carnal desires, greed, keeping up with the Jones’, people thinking about what they want, and a blasphemy of God called Santa.

My challenge might make some of you really angry, it might make some of you glad, it might have no effect on some of you. Some of you might think I’m stark raving mad. Well, I’m not, I’m just really passionate about this topic.

I challenge you all, to next year, drop everything carnal about Christmas and worship Jesus in the manner that truly befits his nature and character.
I’m asking you to forgo the presents, the tree and its trimmings, time with family and all the food. I call it the “Anti-Christmas Christmas”.
I’d like you to think (and pray of course) about serving somewhere that you don’t normally go to. Maybe a soup kitchen, an orphanage, a homeless shelter, an old peoples home or something similar. Die to self and serve others. It’s what Jesus lived his life doing, not decorating his house with a tree and baubles and lights.  (If you think about it, he could have done that, because the pagans were doing these things long before Jesus was born, but he didn’t.)
If you really have to do something at Christmas, and really want to worship him, do it in truth. There is no truth in Christmas, not the way the world celebrates it.
Jesus is the Truth, not Santa or a tree laden with gifts, or getting into financial difficulties because of those gifts.

I will be praying about this and I hope that the Lord will set something up for me to do next Christmas. There are 12 whole months before the next one rolls around, so there is plenty of time to pray about it and for God to organize something for all of us. Even if you think you can’t do anything think about this,  what is impossible with man, is possible with God.

Please consider this prayerfully and see where God leads you.
I really, honestly believe He would rather us worship him in a way that is representative of his nature, not of this world. After all, my friend found Jesus on the side of the road yesterday in the form of a homeless man, not under a Christmas tree.

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