False Healings.

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24

I have had a false healing. I have a bit of a dodgy/painful knee, a dicky knee I call it, and it’s been that way for a few years now. But during those years, it wasn’t always painful.
There were at least 6 months that it wasn’t painful at all, and I attributed it to a healing that I received at a church I used to attend.
I would drive for an hour each Sunday to get to this church, in searing summer heat with no air conditioning in the car. But the people were so welcoming and lovely I used to enjoy going there.

They were always praying for people and this one particular Sunday, I had just finished stretching my knee when the Pastor called out for anyone with sore knees to put their hands up. (For some reason we all had to keep our eyes closed as this was happening. I still haven’t figured out why.)
We were told to put our hands up if we had a bad knee. I tentatively put my hand up as I wasn’t sure if my knee was that bad that it needed healing.
I got called up to the front, as well as someone from the home church group (cult) I was in, and we ended up standing next to each other.
Again, we were told to keep our eyes closed for some reason.
One of the ‘elders’ was praying for someone else when I felt myself going backwards. It’s not like I was forced or pushed, but I felt myself falling, or stumbling back. I assumed it was the Holy Spirit. I grabbed on to my friend who was next to me to gain my balance. It was the most surreal feeling and I thought it was great.
The elder saw this and came over to pray for me. (Whenever someone would pray for me there I would always cry, assuming it was the Holy Spirit)
He was from India or Pakistan I believe, which meant nothing to me at the time. I just assumed he was a man of God.
He prayed for my knee and the pain went away. I was over the moon.

Months later I was still pain free and could walk up steps without limping and it was wonderful. I was so thankful.

Sadly, it didn’t last more than about a year before the pain started creeping back. I tried to rebuke the pain and ignore it, but after a while I had to accept that I wasn’t healed. It was a false healing.
As far as I know, any healings Jesus did were not temporary, once they were healed that was it, job done, no more pain again.
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” 2 Thessalonians 2:9
Now, my aim is not to point the finger, or accuse these people of anything because they were all so lovely and genuinely believe they are moving with the Spirit. Also, I can’t say if they were moving with the Spirit or not, because I truly don’t know.
What I can say though, and this is not meant to be racist in any way shape or form, is most of them were from India/Pakistan or Africa.
I have come to realise that maybe it wasn’t the Holy Spirit that ‘healed’ me, but Kundilini, which from what I know originated in the eastern culture. Kundilini is known as the false Holy Spirit.
I really wonder if that church is being led by the false Holy Spirit..

I also say this because I believe that the home church group I was involved in was imparted with Kundilini when some of them went to America a couple of years ago, so I have learnt a few things about Kundilini since then. Again, I don’t want to point fingers. I just want to make people aware of these things masquerading as Christian things when they really aren’t.

I believe that Kundilini plays a part in people being “slain in the spirit”, or the fire tunnels that they love so much in some American churches/groups.
It is also the name of a type of yoga. So basically, if you’ve done yoga, there is a chance that you’ve opened yourself up to Kundilini. (see my post about yoga)
I ‘flirted’ with yoga a few years back when I was given an instructional video of it. I have since repented and thrown the video out.
“And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh FIRE come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, 14And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” Revelation 13:13-14 (emphasis mine)

I still have my dicky knee, but the pain isn’t so bad that I worry about it too much. It still makes walking up steps a little painful at times, but not as much as my shoulder now from using my mouse so much (from doing this blog). lol

I often hear of people going out and healing people in the name of Jesus and pain going, but I would be really interested to see them go back and see the same people in a year or two to see if the healing stuck.
I’m not saying all those healings are false, because Jesus still does heal.
I’m just concerned that people are being falsely healed and of the consequences of having people lay hands on them if it’s actually the false Holy Spirit doing the ‘healing’.

If you feel you have been involved with this false Holy Spirit via healings, yoga, fire tunnels etc, I ask you to seek the Lord on this matter and see where He guides you.

God bless. šŸ™‚
p.s. I don’t know why, but for some reason it won’t let me set the page out how I would like, so there seems to be one big paragraph which was supposed to start a new one where it says “Now, my aim is not to point the finger.” Please excuse this. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “False Healings.

  1. Very interesting! I had a similar temporary experience of healing from ME/Chronic Fatigue syndrome years ago that lasted about 18months. Like you, I was prayed over in a church and “slain in the spirit”. This was a church in the UK ~ predominantly white~ so in case anyone were to misconstrue what you said about the church you went to, this information would dispel that thinking. I had been taken there by friends from the Baptist church i was attending at the time. I was “healed” and managed to work for a season, but the illness came back, and worse than before. I still suffer with it now. The Lord has recently shown led me to information on kundalini manifestations etc, and i began to understand what had happened. As you say people are genuinely seeking the Lord and none of us had any idea what we were doing. My continuing study of the scriptures made me become suspicious of “slaying in the spirit”, because i couldnt find it therein, except when those who came to arrest Jesus fell backward in John18. I had experiences in the ” revival”, the word of faith movement, restoration churches etc, but in the end i never felt comfortable. I thought there was something wrong with me because i didnt fit in. A lot of what goes on in churches is questionable and only the Word of God can be our comparison point. If its not according to the Word we must reject it.

    Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.


    • It seems to be rampant these days doesn’t it? There are people that say they have prayed for someone and pain has gone, or a limb has jerked mysteriously, but I question whether the healing will last the test of time and just what made that limb jerk of its own accord.

      From what I have seen in the bible, there were no need for follow up sessions with Jesus because the pain came back. And I have also noticed something else. From the healing accounts I have read (I haven’t read all of them) there seems to be some sort of obedience involved on the part of the person being healed. Take the man who was blind. Jesus told him to rub the clay into his eyes and his sight was restored. There is also the account of the man who had leprosy in Kings. He was instructed to dip himself into the river Jordan 7 times before he was healed, and he wasn’t healed until he did it. I wonder if that is something important, being obedient before we can be healed?
      I might have to look into that.

      • Not sure about that. Jesus healed in diferent ways ~ with a touch, with a word, rebuking the fever of Peter’s mother-in-law. The word of faith movement has its own version of works-based healing ~ keep confessing the Word etc, listen to healing tapes…. Been there, done that. In the end I went before the Lord and said that I wasn’t going to strive to be healed, but would rest in Him and leave it in His hands; if I was healed, well and good; if not, Jesus is still Lord. Like in Habakkuk3~ even if the fig tree nevr blossoms, I still rejoice in the Lord. The trouble is, the word of faith mentality leaves you feeling like your defective if you’re not healed~ you must be in sin or doing something wrong or don’t have enough faith. It all becomes about what YOU do not what Christ has done. If you look at the book of Job, he had a bunch if miserable comforters in his affliction too, and God rebuked them for misrepresenting him. Not that Job got off scott-free either. He had to deal with his own pride and self-righteousness and pray for his friends before he was restored. But Job was like Habakkuk, “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”. He didn’t have a bless-me have-it-all kind of faith that would collapse at the first sign of trouble (what Jesus would call seed sown in rocky ground). The writer of Psalm119 says that it was good that he was afflicted, because he learned the ways of God. Romans8:28 ~ all things work together for good to them that love God…. So long as we continue to be conformed to His image, thats what really counts. Healing is a blessing, but knowing the Lord is far greater. While we are in thus earthly tabernacle, we will continue to groan within ourselves, waiting to be clothed with our heavenly tabernacle ~ our glorified body. So we lift up our eyes, expecting and anticipating the coming of the Lord. Thats when everything will be put right. In the meantime we rejoice in Him with joy unspeakable and full of glory.


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