Mind Control. Does it really happen?

This is a post about the likes of Britney Spears, Beyonce and more that have, in my opinion, been mind controlled.
Sound far fetched? Watch this clip and tell me what you think after watching it.


Do you still think it’s still far fetched? I don’t at all, not anymore.
I never used to have much respect for Britney Spears. I always just thought she was setting a really bad example for young girls and wouldn’t watch her clips or buy her music etc.
After watching this clip, I have a whole new understanding about her. I actually feel for her. After all, what parent would like to see a child dress and act like this, especially if she’s being mind controlled.
Remember her episode some years back when she shaved her head and went on a rampage? I just thought it was because she was nuts. Now, I don’t think so.

It looks like Beyonce is a victim as well. Image

There are other celebrities that have probably been influenced by someone/something else.
Check out the Vigilant Citizen for more detailed information and articles on Lady Gaga, Occult Rituals on tv etc. Scroll down to the bottom and click on View All Articles. There you will find dozens of posts about Mind Control, the Illuminati, Occult Rituals on tv etc.
*I don’t necessarily endorse everything on his website as I have not read the whole thing. If you do check it out, do so with discernment and prayer*


I hope you now see things that ‘The Elite’ have been hiding from us for years.

God Bless.


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