Fluoride. Is it really good for us?

waterNo it isn’t.
We have been duped for years into believing that our governments have been adding fluoride to our drinking water because it is good for our teeth.
I have recently had my eyes opened about this fallacy and I’m glad I have. I have purchased a Berkey Light with PF-2 fluoride filter that filters out all the nasties, especially fluoride.

If you have a look at your toothpaste, or your child’s toothpaste look for where it says “do not swallow”. If it is so good for us, then why does our toothpaste tell us not to swallow it?

They are using it (amongst many other nasty chemicals and medications) in our drinking water to dumb us down, to stop us from thinking and question the ‘powers that be’. How dare we question the authorities when they say they are doing something for our health? Who are we to question them? Actually, who are we not to question them?!
If we just swallow (no pun intended) everything they tell us as gospel, then their plan has worked. We just assume they are doing the right thing by us because they tell us so. We just assume they are doing the right thing by us because we can’t believe that the people we vote for could be so sneaky and sly.

Well, I’m telling you now they are. Have a read of these articles and see what I mean.
I will also include recipes for homemade toothpaste, which I will be making as soon as I can get all the ingredients together. (or you can buy fluoride free toothpaste from most health food shops.)






**Please note. I may not necessarily agree with all of the author’s posts the comments and any links on their websites. I am merely adding these links to show you the facts. **
God Bless.


6 thoughts on “Fluoride. Is it really good for us?

  1. Good article! I’m going to try the homemade toothpaste too! I think I’ll go with the peppermint since it’s been a lifelong taste of toothpaste for me. I currently use just baking soda, but this recipe sounds much more appealing to use. Thank you “Eternity is Forever”. God bless you!

    • Thanks Carol. I have recently had my eyes opened about this and I’m so glad. My hunt for a good water filter is on. I’m not having much success yet as most are from overseas, but even if I have to pay a little extra I will, just to have peace of mind that we are not being slowly poisoned.
      Gob Bless you also. 🙂

    • I used to use baking powder years ago. I don’t remember why I stopped. Probably the taste. I’ve switched to a no added fluoride one now, but I think next time I’ll choose the no fluoride. Just because the first one says “no added fluoride” it doesn’t mean it is completely free of it.

  2. Hello, I use Tom’s natural toothpaste without the flouride. I accidentaly bought the fennel flavor instead last time though…uugghh, It tastes like black licorice.

    blessings to you and your wonderful blog.

    • Hi Kim, Thank you. I am just writing mostly about what comes to me. Sometimes I’m having a bit of a vent, but I try not to do that too much.
      I switched to a natural brand of toothpaste which is better than before in the fluoride department. I’ll be trying another one next time that is definitely fluoride free.
      Hey, what’s wrong with black licorice? I love it. lol

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