How to stop the spread of germs and viruses.

sneezeAs a mother I love my children. What I don’t love though is seeing my children sick, even if it’s a cold that has knocked them around. I feel so helpless when they are sick and I wish I could take what they have and give it to myself so they don’t have to suffer.
I realise that getting a few colds or sniffles every winter is nothing to complain about. It boosts their immune systems, I get that.

What I don’t get though is the people that insist on continually sending their children to school if they have (sorry I’m going to be blunt here) green snot, or nits (don’t get me started on nits).
Clearly, if your child has green snot, keep them home so A. their little body can rest and recover and B. other children don’t get infected.

Also, please teach your children the best way to cough or sneeze. I know most of you believe that covering your mouth with your hand is the best way to keeps those nasty germs at bay, but guess what? It isn’t!
The best way to keep your germs to yourself is to cough into your elbow, yes your elbow. Don’t laugh and say I’m off my rocker because I’m not. Have a think about it.
Little Johhny has green snot and coughs or sneezes into his hand. He then picks up a book or shared texta or a toy in the classroom. The germs transfer from his hand onto whatever he has picked up. He puts it down. Little Suzie comes along and picks up the very same toy and voila, she’s just touched the germs that little Johnny has so generously left on it. She then rubs her eye or sticks her hand in her mouth and she’s just (more than likely) picked up the virus that little Johnny has.
If he had’ve just coughed or sneezed into his elbow, the germs would have stayed there, would not have been transferred onto that toy or book and little Suzie would not have picked up the virus to take home to the rest of her family.
I have taught both my children to cough or sneeze into their elbows (or the back of their forearms) and they do it now without even thinking about it. Sometimes they don’t get the timing quite right, but for the most part, they do.

All that is good to teach your children, as are correct hand washing techniques.
If more parents would teach their children these simple methods, then lots of viruses and diseases would not be spread around and less people would get sick.

I realise that for some people who have to work it is hard to take time off to keep your little one at home, and I feel for you. Is there someone you can get to look after your little one for a day or two.. Could you work from home for a day or two?  Maybe if other parents kept their sick child home then your little one wouldn’t have gotten sick and you wouldn’t be having to stay home with your child.

I think it’s really about doing what is best for your child if they are sick and consideration for others (which seems to be sadly lacking in this ever increasingly selfish world).

God bless.


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